Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food for home

Looking for Organics? All natural foods? There are a lot of ways companies can make foods "sound" like they are "all natural" or even Organic. Not to mention the cost of these products. I am one of millions of people that want this for myself but more importantly my children. I found a great product in the grocery store. We have Mexican food almost every week and use refried beans. FULL CIRCLE organic refried vegetarian beans are healthy, priced very competitively and most of taste the best over national brands!!

Where do you want to go?

I can help you answer almost any kind of food question. Just ask. If I can't help then maybe I can direct you to a vast network of sites that can help.
Welcome! This site will hopefully help Culinarians, Chefs, wannabes and anyone else look for and find information about the food world, from around the world on this wonderful portal.
I'm just getting started, so please bear with me as we grow together. Let's get started!